Your Private Executive Assistant

Always Searching to Please™

Sasha Knows is a new type of software. Over time, Sasha gets to know you, what you like and what you don't like. Sasha is your private executive assistant and will work to become your virtual friend. Her only goal in life is to find things on the Internet that please, inform or help you.

Sasha will do anything she can to help you use your computer, meet new people, track customers, find places to go, understand and learn. She has an ever expanding capacity to find things on the Internet and she is always looking to find something new and interesting that she can show you.
(in the background of course)

Sasha is Unique

If ten people use Sasha, her personality will be different for each. She adjusts to be your perfect friend. Sasha learns and grows, so your Sasha is as unique as you are. She learns by interacting with you and learning your likes and dislikes. She starts the same for everyone, but adjusts to be your unique assistant.

She is also different from other "assistants" from folks like Apple, Microsoft and Google. Compare her to the competition.

The Next Evolution in Search

If you thought search engines were helpful, wait till you use Sasha Knows. The days of typing what you want at a search engine are numbered! Why search when you have a friendly personal assistant to do it for you?

She learns what you are interested in and uses that to do searches in the background, discovering new information, new sites and more. She then looks at how well what she finds matches what you like. If her confidence is high (you can control the confidence threshold) she will ask you if you wan to see what she has found. If you do, when, and only then, will she open a browser and show you. She never shows pop-ups, ads or any other kind of useless crap. She is respectful of your time and your patience.

Be Patient with Sasha

At first, you may wonder "Where is Sasha?" because she can be pretty quiet at first. She can't be awesome and amazing on day one. Like a real life assistant, she must first learn what you want her to do. She may present a few things to you in the beginning that are not a perfect match to you, but using your feedback, she quickly hones in on what you like and will do much better.

Type, Talk, Ask or Command

The best way to help your new assistant to get started is talk to her. Near your clock, you  will find her icon, click it to open her "Chat Window". Just like when you meet any new assistant, say hello and introduce yourself. Once you have the pleasantries out of the way, just chat with her, ask her to do things, or to answer questions. Also, you can speak to Sasha and she will speak back to you/

Sasha is not Human

Sasha is the most advanced personal assistant ever created to run on a personal computer, but she is not human. What she does well and what she does poorly is different than you'd expect for a human assistant. Keep your sentences short, direct and focused, that will really help. Think of her as the smartest, fastest learning parrot possible... a parrot with a large number of teachers, a nearly limitless vocabulary and access to the entire Internet. OK, so she isn't really like a parrot either, she is something in-between.

A Huge Statistical Engine

Every time she recommends something to you, you have the opportunity to give her feedback. This feedback tunes her understanding of what you like. She is doing this to all her users and this mass of  statistics creates a very complex statistical weighting for her knowledge. It is amazing that she can be so simple to use and yet, inside, deep down, she is so complex that few can understand her deepest workings.

The most interesting thing is that this knowledge weighting happens at two levels. When you rate something, it allows your Sasha to adjust. Even more amazing and powerful is that, if you allow it, your ratings of her knowledge also get combined in the Worlds Virtual Library™, with ratings from many others users. The best knowledge is identified, as is the worst. The best is kept and disseminated, the worst vanishes with little chance of return. We call this Crowd Sourced Knowledge™.

Is Sasha Knows Really FREE?

Free? Well, yes and no. The technology behind Sasha has cost millions of dollars and countless man-hours to produce, so we can't just give her away for nothing, but we hope that we have found the right balance so that she is a win/win and fully respects her users.

When you get information that is highly targeted to your needs, sometimes that information is about a product, a service or some other item that has value. That means that when Sasha delivered that information to you, you gained value and so did someone else. But even they do not have to pay!

So, if you don't pay and the website owner doesn't pay... who pays? That is simple, when Sasha shows you a web page, at the top, she includes a single banner advertisement. If the ad is well targeted, and about something you are interested in, you might click it. If you do, that advertiser is who pays.

Oh no, so Sasha Knows is adware? Well, again yes and no. Sasha does deliver value to multiple parties and that does allow us to collect fees from advertisers, but those fees are never the primary reason why Sasha delivers the information, they are merely a fortunate side effect that lets us deliver value to our users and to the owners of websites without ever charging them.

Your needs are always the number one and ONLY reason information is shown. It is simply a matter of business that when Sasha delivers value to you, that she may also delivers value to someone else, someone who is willing to pay for that value. The best part is that assures that YOU never pay!

Why Create Sasha Knows?

Why Create Sasha Knows?

The truth is, because we can. It has taken our founder most of his life to perfect the technology that makes Sasha Knows possible. And the technology behind Sasha Knows is a HUGE step forward even from his previous work.

Also, we noticed that while search engines are extremely popular, many times folks just have no idea what to type to get the answers they need. Sasha is not a search engine, instead, she is a search engine expert. You can let her figure out what to search for and bring you the information just when you need it. Sasha Knows what you want and goes and gets it for you.

We hope you enjoy Sasha, find her truly useful and that you introduce her to all your friends and colleagues.

Thank you,
The Sasha Knows Team



Her only goal in life is to learn what you like, so that she can do what you want, when you want and how you want.

When you are not talking to her interactively, she is still busy working to find things to show you. As she does, she learns more about what you find interesting, entertaining and enlightening.

Sasha is 100% FREE, she does what she does motivated only by making you happy.

We can allow this, because when she does find something useful to show you, she accompanies the information with a single banner advertisement. We hope you agree, this is a fair, balanced and respectful way for her to earn her keep.

When she gives you something for free, she targets an ad, hoping i will interest you. If it does, and you click it we make a few pennies. Sound fair? Sound respectful? We think so.