Worlds Virtual Library

Books Are Knowledge

People have been learning from books for centuries, so it is no suppose that Sasha learns by reading books as well. These are not typical human books, instead they are dense bits of knowledge that Sasha can read in less than a second.

Written By Her Users... Written by YOU!

When you install Sasha, you also install a set of very powerful authoring tools. These tools allow anyone interested to write books for Sasha. If Sasha responds in a way that doesn't exactly match how you want to respond, you can just type, or say "wrong" and she will ask you how you want her to respond. Tell her what to say, or do, and she stores that on your PC in a private book authored by you.

If you teach her something you think others might like, you can optionally publish your book to the Public Library, part of the World's Virtual Library. See the list below for the two lists of available books. Sasha reads every book in the Global Library, this is her base knowledge, but you choose which books from the Public Library that she will read. See the list below for a list of the most popular books available.

Manually Select Books, or Let Sasha Auto-Select

You can select which books your Sasha reads. Optionally, you can allow her to select for you, based on what she learns you like. Have you ever been on a website that sells many items and noticed a "What other customers bought" feature? Sasha work somewhat the same way.

As Sasha learns what you like, she can compare your likes with other users. Then, if she finds other similar users, she can use that to pick new books to read that may contain interesting information for you as well. Every night, she looks for new books to read, trying to learn something that might interest you. So don't be surprised as you notice Sasha getting smarter over time. The better she knows you, the better she will be at selecting just the right books to read.

Your Feedback Matters

When you say "wrong" or when you give a thumbs down to a response, Sasha learns from that. As you do this more and more, this feedback affects how she rates the various books she has read. Over time this feedback is combined with feedback of many users and the various books in the library get rated.

In the list above you will see that both positive and negative votes are kept and the rating is the ratio of those votes. Only books with very high ratings get distributed automatically, so authors are incentivized to be careful and do a good job of targeting the knowledge, so that those who receive it, like it. Only then do their books raise in the rankings and find wide automatic distribution.

Interested in Publishing a Book of Your Own?

To learn more about how authors can target knowledge only to people likely to find it interesting, and who then are likely to score it positively, see the section of this site on teaching.

If you own a website, then the "Auto Teach" feature is for you. Just point it to the homepage of your website, and it reads every page of your site (to the level you desire) and writes a Sasha Knows book automatically based on the content of each page. You take some time to review it, edit where necessary and then once it looks correct, you can publish it. If it becomes popular, it may even get distributed to many of Sasha's users and become a huge success!

The knowledge in the books you write can drive traffic to your website for FREE! No cents per click, no cost per action, in fact no cost at all. The key is targeting. As long as your target well, then only seriously interested people will be sent to your site, and they will rate it well, raising the rating of your book, causing it to receive even wider distribution. Authoring books is free, publishing books is free, your only investment is your time and effort in carefully creating a book that targets just the right people.



Everything Sasha Knows, she learns from reading specialized books from the Worlds Virtual Library.  These books are written by her users.

You can teach Sasha, or you can have her read books from the library. The most popular books in her library are listed on the left.