Powerful But Tiny

Sasha is the most advanced personal executive assistant ever created for the personal computer, but all this power costs you nothing. Sasha Knows is FREE to download and to use. There is no cost to you,not now, not ever! No credit card required, no personal information, not even an email address is required to install her on as many computers as you like. We don't ask who you are, what you will use her for or anything, just a few clicks and she is yours.

Sasha Knows is a very small program, she uses minimum resources and nearly any modern computer is powerful enough to support her. She is careful to use as little processor, memory and bandwidth as she can. She respects you and your computer. You won't even feel her there, you should notice no change in how your computer, programs, game or anything else acts or runs. You just get great suggestions and a new assistant and friend.

Should You Install Speech Recognition?

Were you amazed by the Star Trek computer? Sure you were, we all were, but now you too can talk to, and command, your computer using only your voice. Is it perfect? No, not at all, but it is very cool.

The Microsoft Speech Recongntion software is the largest part of the install, and is optional. The Microsoft Speech Recognition package will try to install the first time Sasha starts, and we recommnd that you install it. Speech Recognition is now part of the Windows Operating System, so you may already have it installed. If not, take the time to install it. It lets you talk to Sasha using a microphone.

Using Speech Recognition

 Take the time to train the Speech Recognition engine to greatly improve its ability to understand you. It will be worth your effort. Wait till you show your friends that you can control your computer with your voice! Try saying "Show me a tennis ball" and see what happens, or say "Search for tall buildings" or "Map Kansas City".

Improving Sasha's Voice

By default, Sasha uses the Windows default female voice, but you can do MUCH BETTER! We have shopped for the finest voices available and established a partnership with Ivona, the worlds leading Text-To-Speech company. You can downlaod a 30 day free trial of thier Kendra voice right now. Install it before or after you install Sasha Knows and it will be used instead of the default voice.

Installing the Ivona Kendra Voice Free Trial

Click HERE to open the Ivona website. At the top left, choose the "American English, Kendra" voice and just below the PLAY button is a link that says "GET VOICE", click that. Then click "For Windows". Now click the "Get free trial" button. Fill in yoir email (This is Ivona, not us, we don't require an email to install). Click the "I want to receive a trial version (30 days)" button and then check your email for a link to get started. Make sure you get the Kendra voice.



Sasha Knows is extremely powerful, but it doesn't require a very powerful computer to use her. Most modern computers are easily capable of supporting her fully.

Sasha is respectful of your computer and your time. She uses as little of your computers resources as possible and runs most of her tasks only when there are spare CPU cycles and always taps only unused bandwidth. Sasha won't slow down your work, your play or anything else.