Better Than Siri
No other assistant even comes close...

Microsoft, Apple and Google have nearly unlimited resources, but they fall far short compared to Sasha Knows.


Privacy Matters
The big guys capture everything you say...

Windows Phone, the Apple iPhone and Google's Android assistant send everything you say to their corporate masters! Sasha keeps your private things private.


Crowd Sourced Knowledge
The best floats and the worst vanishes...

Everything Sasha Knows is vetted by her users. She keeps both community and personal ratings for every book, author and response.


Sasha Knows is Born  picture

While working in Israel, our founder sparked on a new concept. After nearly 30 years of ground breaking Situation/Response technology research, Mike Reed, takes it to a new level with Sasha Knows. His earlier developments included games that learned to play and systems that learned to answer natural language questions, but now, for the first time, Sasha Knows does something fresh and new, she asks questions to achieve goals. She also learns what pleases her user and passively finds sites and information to present.

  • Feelings and moods
  • Goal seeking and dependency solving
  • Passive and interactive responses
  • Context, including object and subject
  • Powerful and flexible teaching system